MacArthur Communicative Development Inventories





This site is devoted to the activities of the Chair of Children's Speech of
the Herzen Pedagogical University, whose staff are engaged in research in
the area of ontolinguistics (linguistics of children's speech) and in
developing the curriculum of the corresponding academic discipline.

It is accepted that language acquisition is essentially a creative process,
and each child creates their own language system.

We believe that research and educational activity of a university teacher
are inseparable one from the other: in the course of research work the basis
is formed for creating the curriculum of a discipline, while teaching is the
way to approbation of a researcher's theses. Teachers and students are
colleagues together in the educational and the research process.

We are convinced that every student, working diligently and with commitment,
has a potential to discover something new, the young science of
ontolinguistics offering an extraordinary amount of room for new findings.

We believe that knowledge of the laws of a child acquiring her first, or
native, and her second, or foreign, language is required not only of a
linguist, but also of a psychologist, a speech therapist or speech educator,
a school teacher, or a foreign language teacher.

. .., 2009.